Revenge is a Sucker’s Game: “Leader of the Pack”


Any good superhero team needs an opposing supervillain team. Even amongst the craziness this show has thrown out, The Pack is still the closest to feeling like colorful, wacky comic book villains. It also makes them the least interesting ones so far, but at least we can get some fun, mindless action out of them. It’s not like an episode about The Pack can yield anything with nightmare fuel or romance, right?

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No More Than Animals: “The Thrill of the Hunt”

It’s been way too long, hasn’t it? Unfortunately, this blog was a causality of the collision of of the necessities of life and money versus fun. There has to be a bit of a balance between the things you do for profit and the things you do for joy. That’s sort of the theme of this week’s villains: making money is great, but you have to do something for fun, too. Though, I guess there’s a difference between running a blog and hunting down sentient creatures with crazy death traps, in this first episodic standalone adventure.

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