A Romp Indeed: “The Mirror”


A lot of shows hit a turning point in season 2. Most of the time, these are big, dark or momentous occasions–a shocking twist, a major death, a big reveal–and from then on the show is never the same, and the momentum keeps going throughout its golden years. While we have some major multi-parters coming up, it’s this episode that really shakes up the landscape of the Gargoyles universe and its possibilities, even if it underplays it as a silly standalone comedy. Also, there’s no way Weisman and co. weren’t totally hammered while writing this. Because this mess is wacky.

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Not Your Home Anymore: “Enter Macbeth”


Animation is a weird animal. In live action, a poor script can be saved by wonderful performances and set design, and a strong script can still work even with weak actors or low-budget sets. In animation, everything from the writing process to the music to the performances can be absolutely perfect, but if the animators—who are often overseas and might barely have correspondence with the showrunners—don’t put in a good enough effort, it will bring it all crashing down. This episode isn’t like that. This one’s just pretty bad all around.  Continue reading