A Clever Old Thing: “Long Way to Morning”


Old age is a strange topic for shows in the 6-11 (or even 12-18) demographic to hit. But it’s a recurring theme in numerous animated shows past and present; I mean, consider that the entire conciet of Batman Beyond is “What happens when Bruce Wayne becomes too old?” Even stranger, that concept of “too old” is often dealt with better than any actual child-centered tales are in childrens’ programming. After a run of wacky action, colorful villains and broad morality tales establishing its first season, Gargoyles started to slow down and look at the more “mature” characters with “The Edge,” and takes it to the next level with “Long Way to Morning”—a belated spotlight on our beloved Old Beard. Continue reading


We Live Again…Will Live Again!

Thirty-nine days ago, superstition and the sword ruled.
It was a time of insight. It was a world of wit.
It was the age…of gargoyles reviews.
Stone by day, DVDs and 3am reruns by night, we held off on reviewing the episodes we had sworn to rewatch, frozen after “Awakening” by a magic hiatus for over two weeks.
Now, here in July, the hiatus is over, and we live again!

If you’ve been following this blog and are disappointed by the lack of new posts, rest assured–episode reviews will resume with “The Thrill of the Hunt” next week!

The blog had to be put on hiatus initially because of some hassles involved with real-life packing and moving, and that intended one-week hiatus had to be extended longer due to some family emergencies and power outage-inducing storms (I was part of the apocalyptic weather on the East Coast last week, after all.)

Also I’m still trying to get over how goddamn big those doors were.

In any case, things are settling down now, so the introduction of The Pack and some epic Lex rage are waiting to be polished and published next week. Afterwards, consistent weekly updates will resume thereafter.

So be sure to check back next week–you don’t wanna be street pizza (or something)!

Stone by Day, DVDs and 3am Reruns by Night

To state the obvious: this is a blog about Gargoyles.  If the title doesn’t spark your memory, perhaps the heartstopping theme song will.  Or even if you do remember it, listen to it anyway, because goodness gracious, that music is insane.

In any case, Gargoyles was a syndicated Disney show from the early-to-mid-90’s, and a first for Disney as a dark, serialized action melodrama.  It never quite latched onto mainstream popularity enough to be a cultural phenomenon, probably in part for being outshined by the likes of Batman: The Animated Series.  But it’s nevertheless kept a strong fanbase throughout the years, and while people talk about Batman being the epitome of action animation in the 90’s (not saying it wasn’t, but it wasn’t the only one) Gargoyles is definitely its own breed in terms of its scope, ensemble cast, and overall structure.  Because of that, it’s worth being analyzed, because holy crap there’s a lot we can talk about in this show.  And to this day, I’d argue there isn’t much of anything else like it.

Continue reading