Not Your Home Anymore: “Enter Macbeth”


Animation is a weird animal. In live action, a poor script can be saved by wonderful performances and set design, and a strong script can still work even with weak actors or low-budget sets. In animation, everything from the writing process to the music to the performances can be absolutely perfect, but if the animators—who are often overseas and might barely have correspondence with the showrunners—don’t put in a good enough effort, it will bring it all crashing down. This episode isn’t like that. This one’s just pretty bad all around.  Continue reading


The Crisis Point: “Deadly Force”


This is it. The gun episode. On the shortlist of “must-see,” “quintessential” or “most-remembered” episodes of the show, “Deadly Force” is on it. We pretty much all agree that it’s a prime example of how to handle a big morality story in a mature way, focusing on a real issue that affects children and adults, and leaving out the abstract. But does that make it an actual, like, good episode of television? Brace yourselves, we’ve got a hard nut to crack here. Continue reading

Embracing A Half-Truth: “Temptation”


Let’s get past the excuses and jump into the brass tacks. It’s back, it’s happening, so here we go. Last October, episode six gave us a bunch of colorful characters and silly action, and was far from the best the series had to offer. Now we’re getting back into the meat of the story, in a much better follow-up to the five-part pilot and a nice take on how psychologically dark the show can get. Also, BROOKLYN RIDES A MOTORCYCLE AND IT’S COOLER THAN ANYTHING YOU WILL EVER DO.

Continue reading